BetWallet not only makes your betting easier, more fun and significantly faster with one direct login to all connected bookmakers. BetWallet also offers super-fast live scores, immersive sports statistics, live streaming, virtually instant bet placement on multiple markets with all connected bookmakers, a thorough overview over your bets and their outcome, immediate access to all your favourite leagues and teams – all in one beautifully designed and easy to use app.

In one word: Yes.

In fact, it is super safe. BetWallet utilizes state of the art technology and protocols for all communication.

Passwords and other sensitive credentials are never stored on BetWallet’s servers – only in the keychain of your device (or, if you actively choose to do so, in your operating systems cloud storage – for example if you want to access your account on multiple devices).

For BetWallet generated bookmaker accounts, please note that the individual usernames and passwords are unique and never re-used.

Most likely, this is due to strong authentication being on in your Unibet account. This method requires entering a four digit code sent to your cell phone on Unibet’s site and is incompatible with BetWallet. Please disable strong authentication.

Simple! Go to Bookmaker Settings, tap Login on the bookmaker you wish to connect your existing account with and enter your credentials as requested – done!

As long as you leave your bookmaker account as logged in – you will now automatically be logged in to your account immediately when BetWallet starts, allowing you to place your bets super fast. 

In any given game, just tap the “i” in the upper right corner and the stats will be shown. Side swipe for more screens, when available. 

Secure Payments

The payment solutions provided are with each individual operator, and of course adhering to the highest safety standards.

Leagues and Teams

Over 5,000 leagues with odds and over 50,000 teams in our system.


BetWallet is available for both iOS and Android. BetWallet will soon be available on iPad.