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Which bookmakers are connected to Oddsium?

The following bookmakers are today connected to the app: Betway, Ladbrokes, and William Hill.

On which devices is Oddsium available, and can I try it out?

Oddsium will be launched for iPhone during Q2, 2016. An Android version as well as a dedicated tablet version are planned to be launched thereafter.

The app is available to try out in your iPhone by downloading it on the App Store (search for ‘Oddsium’) – or follow the download link in the menu above. Kindly note that this is an early test version and we are aware of its bugs and errors. We will inform our affiliates in advance when the updated version is available on the App Store and it’s time to get started!

In which countries will Oddsium be available?

We currently work hard for the launch on the Swedish market, followed by England. The app is now integrated for betting from Sweden, UK, Ireland, and Malta with a long list of connecting bookmakers.

Which company/Which investors are behind this product?

Oddsium was founded in 2012 by Krister Malm; a man with extensive experience in leading roles within the gaming industry at an international level. In addition, Oddsium consists of a group of investors with a background in the gaming industry, law, telecommunications, among other industries.

How do I as an affiliate earn money on Oddsium?

Oddsium provides its affiliates with advertisements and text links to be used on blog, website, or through social media channels. These contain a unique code in the URL which is linked to your affiliate account, linked to the download page of Oddsium on App Store. New user registrations will be connected to you, and you get commission on the revenues these users register via their Oddsium-created bookmaker accounts.

What percentage revenue share do you offer?

Our standard agreement offers 30% revshare/commission. As this may seem relatively low as general standards in the context of revshare, it is important to remember that revenues measured in real money become significantly more than from individual bookmakers. The reason to this is because revenues for each player at Oddsium is generated from several parallel accounts for that particular player.

Is commission earned only when a user registers at Oddsium or does the user have to open an account with each bookmaker via Oddsium?

Commission is linked to user accounts registered with bookmakers via Oddsium. Thanks to our extremely simple registration process – partly through the smart function that registers a user with as many bookmakers he/she desires, in combination with other technologies designed to optimize the conversion rate – then the level of user registrations is high. Very high.

How is the registration process with bookmakers possible in five-ten seconds, doesn’t it require any additional personal information?

When registering an account with Oddsium, there is some required data which needs to be filled. Whether the user then chooses to play with one bookmaker or all of them, Oddsium enables automatic registration simultaneously with all these bookmakers in a few seconds.

How do I become an affiliate for Oddsium?

Kindly register your interest by filling out the application form under ‘Apply’ in the menu on your left.

Why should I become an affiliate for Oddsium when I’m already an affiliate for individual bookmakers?

What distinguishes Oddsium from an individual bookmaker is the revenues which will be higher for each player as Oddsium and the affiliate share all revenues generated by the player at each bookmaker the player is registered with through Oddsium. In addition, the lifetime of each player increases significantly when using Oddsium – there is no longer any reason to terminate accounts, instead it is an advantage to have account with all bookmakers.

Can the player connect bookmaker accounts he/she already is registered at with Oddsium?

Yes, the player can link existing accounts at individual bookmakers to Oddsium – there is no need to create a new account with bookmakers where you already are registered. However, no revshare can be earned on these accounts.

Is there any negative carry-over?

Negative carry-over depends on the agreement with each bookmaker the user connects with via Oddsium. Oddsium always share the revenue the user generates to the affiliate the user is connected to.

How is it for the players, can they take part of the different bookmakers’ deposit bonuses or do they lose the right to bonuses through Oddsium?

The bonuses depend on the cooperation between Oddsium and each individual bookmaker. Generally, deposits via Oddsium offer at least as good deposit bonuses as that bookmakers themselves offer. Oddsium will also allow for special reload bonuses and other types of signup deals in a very efficient manner, with the aim to quickly convert and activate large numbers of players.

Would Oddsium be interested in appearing in social media channels while I earn money marketing you?

As an affiliate for Oddsium you are welcome to market us through your social media channels, which possibly means less work for you and hopefully still generates good results. We can help with certain guidelines and provide you with a custom URL when necessary.

Does Oddsium offer any special deals for individual affiliates?

In the future, we will be able to offer special arrangements for individual affiliates. Currently we have unfortunately not the possibility to do so, however, players who register with Oddsium get access to all bookmaker bonuses. That increases the likelihood that even you as an affiliate get a larger revshare. We have also managed to negotiate good bonuses for the player to take part of in the app.

When will Oddsium’s affiliate operation be up and running?

Our affiliate operation starts at the same time as the app is being launched. We are going to provide our affiliates with additional details regarding the date of launch and instructions on how to get started!

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